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Dueling With the Duke

DuelingWithTheDuke[1]The 2nd book the Brotherhood of the Sword series

He’s known as The Saint, but she’s tempting him to sin…

London, 1838

Gabriel Campbell, Duke of Lynford never intended to carry that title, but when his reckless brother gets himself killed in a duel over a woman, Gabe has no choice. Now he’s sworn off love, blaming the woman that broke his brother’s heart and led to his untimely death. 

Lilith Crisp, Lady Thornton, knew from a young age that pretty girls grow up and get married off to the highest bidder. Being paraded around London as her husband’s trophy has taught her some unique skills and now she can manipulate any man for his darkest secrets. Gabriel’s position in the Brotherhood of the Sword leads him directly to Lilith’s door. 

For Gabe, Lilith is the one woman he’s always wanted, and Lilith is now forced to deal with a man who seems immune to her charms. But a secret about Lilith’s niece brings them together to face a danger that threatens not only their lives, but the fate of England’s Crown. Resisting Lilith is getting more and more difficult and Gave finally recognizes that he can’t keep blaming her for his brother’s fate. Finding love means forgiving the past and that might be the only thing they simply can’t do…

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Undercover With the Earl

51MsuVP6OcL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_To capture the most eligible bachelor in London…

London, 1838

The handsome Earl of Somersby may just be the most eligible bachelor in London, but has no interest in a wife. As a member of the Brotherhood, Bennett Haile is far more vested in his undercover duties for the crown and protecting the Queen from would-be assassins. For now he has the perfect tool with which to lure out the villains-a young woman with an uncanny likeness to the queen.

The spirited Evelyn Marrington is about to live out every country girl’s dream-becoming royalty overnight. Under the tutelage of the arrogant Earl of Somersby, she’ll have to fool the entire court that she is, in fact, the queen. But as danger threatens from every side, Bennett realizes that his lovely little protegé isn’t just placing her life in his hands… She’s stealing his heart.
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Masquerading Mistresses bundle


Fall in love with my Masquerading Mistresses series about the elite spy organization known as the Seven.

In the glittering age of the Regency, the mistress reigned supreme. But for three beautiful women, assuming the role of mistress is not glamorous; it’s necessary for survival. A rake, a beast, and a master spy–three men not looking for mistresses but who will do anything to protect the women they can’t seem to refuse.

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