17 delectable nibbles

Have I got a lovely gift for you! Imagine if you will having 17 scrumptious excerpts for just as many authors. That’s right, I’ve got the perfect romance sampler here for your downloading pleasure. And for your convenience, there are embedded links to buy the books when you get hooked.

You can also find the download on Goodreads connected to my book, Treasure Me, look for the download excerpt button.

Here’s the list of fantastic authors with little nibbles to whet your appetites.

Zoe Archer
Katharine Ashe
Monica Burns
Robyn DeHart – that’s me!
Lila DiPasqua
Elizabeth Essex
Shana Galen
Alexandra Hawkins
Sophie Jordan
Vanessa Kelly
Kris Kennedy
Mia Marlowe
Ashley March
Elisabeth Naughton
Miranda Neville
Heather Snow
Emma Wildes