For those of you who follow me on the Jaunty Quills or Twitter or Facebook know that I talk about my husband AKA The Professor a lot. He’s a wonderful man and the love of my life and he also loves attention. And as you can tell from his picture he’s a very serious scholar, no fun at all. Well, this week you’ll get a sneak peek behind the scenes of our house and his life as the husband of a romance novelist. And he’s not the only hubby you get to meet.

Come to the Ball! Romance Husbands gather at the A MIDNIGHT DANCE BLOG PARTY

Hosted by Lila DiPasqua’s husband, Mr. DiPasqua. (Yes, he’s back by popular demand!)

To celebrate Lila DiPasqua’s upcoming release, a Cinderella retelling, A MIDNIGHT DANCE (Berkley Sensation), Mr. DiPasqua, Lila’s husband will be hosting a blog party like no other!

Each day, from July 19th to Aug. 19th, he’ll be interviewing the husbands of other romance authors!

Lots of Romance Husbands! Tons of giveaways! And the grand prize up for grabs is open WORLDWIDE!

Come meet the men behind the women who write the books you love. You just never know what you might learn when these men start to chat. ;) This is a mere *sample* of some of the authors whose husbands and boyfriends will be interviewed:

Shana Galen,
Robyn DeHart
Vanessa Kelly
Nicola Cornick
Zoe Archer
Delilah Marvelle
Kieran Kramer
Stefanie Sloane
Kate Noble
Elisabeth Essex
Kris Kennedy
Ashley March
Monica Burns
Katharine Ashe
Sophie Jordan
Donna Grant
Elizabeth Hoyt

This event is going to be a blast with plenty of chances to win prizes—and a few surprises along the way. ;) Don’t miss out! Hope to see you there!

Have I got a lovely gift for you! Imagine if you will having 17 scrumptious excerpts for just as many authors. That’s right, I’ve got the perfect romance sampler here for your downloading pleasure. And for your convenience, there are embedded links to buy the books when you get hooked.

You can also find the download on Goodreads connected to my book, Treasure Me, look for the download excerpt button.

Here’s the list of fantastic authors with little nibbles to whet your appetites.

Zoe Archer
Katharine Ashe
Monica Burns
Robyn DeHart – that’s me!
Lila DiPasqua
Elizabeth Essex
Shana Galen
Alexandra Hawkins
Sophie Jordan
Vanessa Kelly
Kris Kennedy
Mia Marlowe
Ashley March
Elisabeth Naughton
Miranda Neville
Heather Snow
Emma Wildes


Okay so my webmaster asked me last year sometime if I was ready to switch to the WordPress format and for whatever reason I wasn’t. But when she asked again this year I jumped at the chance. Now I can manage my blog from here, update more frequently and just be more present around here more often. The lack of updates has been my fault, not my lovely designers so now I should be more on the ball since I can do it whenever I think of something to put on the page.

So let’s start with the most recent news, I have a new Regency short story available for download on Kindle and Nook for only $0.99! This story, Her Gentleman Thief, was originally part of the Mammoth Book of Regency Romance. The first day it was available on Amazon it cracked the Top 100 in Regency romance. I do hope you’ll check it out. Readers are already saying how delightful and fun it is.

For any of you fans who are on Facebook, I have a new author fan page which has links to my Goodreads page and a cool author page gadget with excerpts and whatnot of my books. Check it out and like me, really like me.