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Excerpt: Her Gentleman Thief by Robyn Dehart

Annalise bravely looked up to meet the highwayman’s gaze and found herself locked in by the most stunningly beautiful green eyes. And were it not for the silk black domino mask tied behind his head, she might have forgotten who he was and what was happening. The lantern-light flickered off his face, of the features she could clearly see — a strong jaw, sculpted lips, a hint of a day’s growth of whiskers — it was quite evident that he was devilishly handsome.

The highwayman leaned against the carriage, crossing his feet at the ankles. The pistol dangled from his hand, almost as if he held nothing more than a handkerchief. There was a casual air about him, as if this situation were a perfectly normal occurrence for a Monday evening.

His sensual lips curved into a smile. “And where are you going at his hour?”

“My wedding,” she said.

But as the words left her mouth a realization surged through her. After this incident, there would be no wedding. No one here could attest to the fact that this man, this thief had not ravished her. Hildy had not roused and the other two servants were blindfolded and tied-up. No one save Penny and were she to speak up, she too would be ruined and then she would never have the opportunity to marry. Simply by being stopped by this highwayman her reputation, her virtue, had been sullied. And who was to say he wouldn’t ravish her still? But Penny could be saved. She needed only to get Penny to safety.

Before she could further think on the matter, she reached out and placed a hand on the highwayman’s chest.

“Take me with you,” she said.

Copyright © 2010. Robyn DeHart. All Rights Reserved.

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