the Legend Hunters series

Legend, treasure, unforgettable adventure

There is a gentleman’s club near St. James St., a luxurious one with all the accoutrements one would expect from such a fine establishment; fine liquors, exotic cigars, gaming and a comfortable chair in which to read the daily papers.  Solomon’s is by invitation only and those invitations are not extended without exceedingly careful consideration.  Because in this club is a secret room where secret meetings occur.  And in these secret meetings some of London’s finest gentlemen gather to discuss their passions; their obsessions. 

Meet the Legend Hunters:  some scholars, some collectors, some treasure-hunters, but each of them are after the find of the century. 

Setting: Victorian England/Scotland 1887

the legend of Pandora’s box…Seduce Me


the legend of Atlantis…Desire Me


the legend of Loch Ness…Treasure Me





*The Legend Hunters were an award-winning series that has been translated into German, Italian, and Turkish. 



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