It’s coming! The second book in my Forbidden Love series, A Little Bit Sinful releases Monday, April 1st! I’m so thrilled to share this book with y’all. I really fell in love with Clarissa and Justin and I hope you will too. An excerpt will be coming in the next day or two so watch for that, but in the meantime, here’s the cover and back cover blurb. 

She’d made all the wrong choices, but ended up in the most perfect situation. 

Justin Rodale is the wealthy bastard son of the Duke of Chanceworth. He owns the most lucrative and luxurious gaming establishment and caters to London’s elite. Educated with the rest of the aristocrats, he knows all the rules by which Society lives, but he is beholden to no one.

Clarissa Kincaid has been raised to be the perfect English lady. She knows precisely the sort of match she should make and she’s fairly certain she’s found that with a respectable gentleman. But the man won’t commit and she finds herself seeking assistance in the form of seduction lessons from Justin.

This is a challenge the charming Justin can not resist. She may think that he knows nothing about her needs, but he’s determined to show her that he knows plenty about her secret desires. He has no intention of publicly ruining the girl, but he’s determined to privately tempt her into some slightly sinful behavior.


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This Entangled blog hop is full of prizes, new authors for you to meet and plenty of holiday treats!

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So I’ve just wrapped up revisions on A LITTLE BIT WICKED and I’m back to work on A LITTLE BIT SINFUL and I have to admit I’ve been struggling some with these books. But I’ve finally figured out why and that is a good thing. For the last several years I’ve been working on my Legend Hunters books and then I wrote THE SECRETS OF MIA DANVERS and all of those books are big and full of adventure and suspense and mystery in addition to the romance. And then I started the Forbidden Love trilogy for Entangled Scandalous and admittedly I forgot that just because I’m not writing a suspense-heavy historical doesn’t mean my characters don’t still need GMC. It’s kind of an embarrassing lesson, to be honest, because well, I’m fairly well-known for teaching classes on that very issue. About how the GMC should be where the action of your book comes from. I know that. And yet, I still tried to cheat and get away with not doing it and now I’m having to back and fix it – in the first book in revisions and in this current one, post first draft. So let this be a lesson to any of you, no matter where you are in your career, what kind of book you’re writing and how short it is, you still need a solid GMC for your characters to propel your plot!

Also I want to share my tentative release schedule for the next twelve months because I’m so damn excited about it!

A LITTLE BIT WICKED – December 2012

Okay kids, that’s 5 releases over the next year. I’m so very happy to be able to share so many wonderful characters and stories with all of you.

*this a tentative schedule and includes some tentative titles*

I had a discussion recently with a writer friend of mine when she heard me mention my use of plotboards. I don’t use them for every book I write, but they are a great hands-on, visual tool for those times when I need to get in the book, so to speak. But even if I don’t use a plotboard for a book there are key scenes, plot points, that I look for before I start any book. I don’t always know what’s going to happen in these scenes, but I know the book will have them somewhere.

Some of these are pretty standard, and some are just things that I came up with because they make sense to the types of stories I tend to write. Oh, and they don’t necessarily end up going in this order so it’s not really a progression kind of thing. What I like about these is that they have stops on the relationship progression but also the external plot stuff so you can kind of braid it all together or at least begin to. So without further ado, here are my standard plot points.

Inciting incident – this is really just my first meet scene, how do they meet, what’s the circumstances, etc.

Let’s work together – since my characters end up doing something together: solving a case, running from a bad guy, etc. this is that scene where it becomes apparent they’ll be in this together, apparent to the reader, they might not be committed to the “partnership” at this point. But this is one of those key factors for me, I have to figure out what situation can I put them in that will require them to be on the page together. Often.

first kiss – this is self explanatory, and sometimes I plot it out at the beginning because I already know how it’s going to happen, other times like in the book I’m currently working on (A LITTLE BIT SINFUL) I knew that I wanted her to instigate the first kiss, but I wasn’t quite sure how until I got further into the 1st draft.

first love scene – again self explanatory and again I don’t always plot this unless I know specifically where it will happen and why.

midpoint – kind of generic, but really just to remind me that I need something major to happen in the middle of the book, a twist or something. Since I tend to write books with suspense or mystery or adventure subplots, then this usually is a shift with that. It generally has emotional repercussions, but for the most part, this plot point is about the external plot and where its going.

I think I love you – this usually is two separate scenes because both the hero and heroine get one. it’s just that emotional break-through when they realize that this is different, that they’re not just in trouble, the damage has been done, they’re all in. They’re in for a heart-break unless they’re willing to change to get their HEA.

plot point – again generic, but just a reminder to keep things moving. This is often something that leads the characters directly into the BBM. They’ve tried to cheat to get out of having to change, to resist having to deal with their internal garbage and this one last cheat should mark their fate and the reader will know that something big and ugly is about to happen.

BBM – The big black moment – ug! I don’t always know what I’m doing with the big black moment, but I sometimes have a general idea. Like with my upcoming book with Entangled, A LITTLE BIT WICKED, I knew, pretty early on, how I wanted to hang my character out to dry, so to speak, but I couldn’t really figure out the logistics. It actually took me a long time to figure out how to do it, but I made notes and just left it there until I had a clear picture of how to do it. What you want for this scene is to have your heroine/hero’s worst fears realized, you want the external plot to force them to deal with their internal junk.

HEA – happily ever after, won’t really know for sure how to wrap it all up nicely until after I’ve figured out that BBM.

So that’s it. I mean that’s not all there is to my books, but those are the highlights. It’s also worth noting that these are also excellent plot points to use in crafting your synopses because they keep the focus on the main elements of the book and how the external and internal push each other along.

I’m so super excited to finally be able to tell y’all about some new books from me. First of all I know in previous interviews and whatnot I’ve mentioned an historical romantic suspense series I’ve been working on and this isn’t that, but I do hope to have news of that in the not too distant future. No, this is something a little different. I’ve accepted a three-book contract with Entangled Publishing for their upcoming short historical line, Scandalous.

I’m thrilled about this new series for a variety of reasons. First, I’m really looking forward to being apart of the Entangled family, I’ve heard such lovely things about everyone there. Secondly, I really love this series – I can’t say too much about the books themselves just yet, but suffice it to say they match up intelligent heroines with sexy heroes and the chemistry is smoking up my computer! They’re also a little bit shorter than my bigger historicals which means I can write them faster which will ultimately get them into your hands much sooner.

The first book, A LITTLE BIT WICKED, is such fun and I know y’all will love Vivian and Marcus as much as I do. I’ll share excerpts and more details as soon as I can.