ImageI’m so thrilled that the final installment in my Forbidden Love trilogy is finally out. I’ve had such fun with these books. Now I consider myself a heroine-driven writer, the women I write are super important to me as I like to craft women that most of us can relate too. But I have to admit that these 3 guys, well, I fell in love with every one of them. And you readers seem to agree as I’ve gotten many responses at how swoon-worthy Marcus and Justin are. I hope you’ll agree when it comes to Roe – he’s a rascal of the first order. And I modeled him (physically) after Henry Cavill so you know he’s super hot. 


Check out the A Little Bit Scandalous page for an excerpt and buy links. 

How cool is it that this week, the release week for The Secrets of Mia Danvers, the first book in my Dangerous Liaisons series, that I get to also reveal the gorgeous cover for book two in the series, The Temptations of Anna Jacobs?! Y’all aren’t even going to believe how beautiful it is….ready? 




I’m so excited about this though admittedly a little nervous since I don’t have as much experience writing novellas – having only done one before. 

Robyn DeHart’s MASQUERADING MISTRESSES, an anthology set in the time where the mistress reigned supreme, yet for three beautiful women assuming the role of mistress is not glamorous, it’s necessary for survival and when three men who were not looking for mistresses come to know them, they find they will do anything to protect these women they can’t seem to forget, to Alethea Spiridon at Entangled Scandalous, by Kevan Lyon at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency (World).

I believe the tentative release date for this book is January 2014, more details as I get them. 

I’m so thrilled to say that I’ve sold another series to Entangled Scandalous. Here are the details:

Robyn DeHart’s THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE SWORD, pitched in the tradition of the Three Musketeers, in which three men will stop at nothing to ensure their monarch’s safety whom they are duty bound to protect, even at the costs of their lives, until they meet three women who give them new reasons to survive, to Alethea Spiridon Hopson at Entangled Scandalous, in a three-book deal, by Kevan Lyon at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

You can start looking for these books in 2014 – I just can’t wait to dive into another historical adventure series. 

It’s coming! The second book in my Forbidden Love series, A Little Bit Sinful releases Monday, April 1st! I’m so thrilled to share this book with y’all. I really fell in love with Clarissa and Justin and I hope you will too. An excerpt will be coming in the next day or two so watch for that, but in the meantime, here’s the cover and back cover blurb. 

She’d made all the wrong choices, but ended up in the most perfect situation. 

Justin Rodale is the wealthy bastard son of the Duke of Chanceworth. He owns the most lucrative and luxurious gaming establishment and caters to London’s elite. Educated with the rest of the aristocrats, he knows all the rules by which Society lives, but he is beholden to no one.

Clarissa Kincaid has been raised to be the perfect English lady. She knows precisely the sort of match she should make and she’s fairly certain she’s found that with a respectable gentleman. But the man won’t commit and she finds herself seeking assistance in the form of seduction lessons from Justin.

This is a challenge the charming Justin can not resist. She may think that he knows nothing about her needs, but he’s determined to show her that he knows plenty about her secret desires. He has no intention of publicly ruining the girl, but he’s determined to privately tempt her into some slightly sinful behavior.

I’m so pleased to finally be able to share this with y’all. So without further ado, I give you the cover for my upcoming June release, The Secrets of Mia Danvers



Isn’t it stunning? I’m just in love with it!

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So I’ve just wrapped up revisions on A LITTLE BIT WICKED and I’m back to work on A LITTLE BIT SINFUL and I have to admit I’ve been struggling some with these books. But I’ve finally figured out why and that is a good thing. For the last several years I’ve been working on my Legend Hunters books and then I wrote THE SECRETS OF MIA DANVERS and all of those books are big and full of adventure and suspense and mystery in addition to the romance. And then I started the Forbidden Love trilogy for Entangled Scandalous and admittedly I forgot that just because I’m not writing a suspense-heavy historical doesn’t mean my characters don’t still need GMC. It’s kind of an embarrassing lesson, to be honest, because well, I’m fairly well-known for teaching classes on that very issue. About how the GMC should be where the action of your book comes from. I know that. And yet, I still tried to cheat and get away with not doing it and now I’m having to back and fix it – in the first book in revisions and in this current one, post first draft. So let this be a lesson to any of you, no matter where you are in your career, what kind of book you’re writing and how short it is, you still need a solid GMC for your characters to propel your plot!

Also I want to share my tentative release schedule for the next twelve months because I’m so damn excited about it!

A LITTLE BIT WICKED – December 2012

Okay kids, that’s 5 releases over the next year. I’m so very happy to be able to share so many wonderful characters and stories with all of you.

*this a tentative schedule and includes some tentative titles*

I have been waiting so long to tell you about this new series I’ve been working on, and now I finally can. I’ve accepted a 2-book deal with NAL to publish the series I’ve called Dangerous Liaisons (not sure if that will be used in any official capacity). Here’s a brief blurb (again not official) to whet your appetites. As soon as I have more details as far as release dates, etc. I’ll let everyone know.


In the fall of 1888 a murderer terrorized the Whitechapel area in London, horribly mutilating prostitutes and leaving their blood-drenched bodies out to be found, taunting the police and paralyzing the poverty-stricken people with fear. In taunting letters to the police and the newspapers, he called himself Jack the Ripper. Then as quickly as he appeared, he vanished from the news, his reign of terror apparently at an end. A few months later another girl’s body was found, but this time in prestigious Mayfair, and this time there was a witness.

Mia Danvers is a blind girl fallen from Society and living at the property edge of the arrogant and proper Alexander Foster, the Duke of Carrington. Though they live on the same land, their paths never cross, until they must work together to stop London’s must infamous villain. Though blind, Mia is determined to help track down the culprit in the murder she witnessed, even though the only person willing to accept her help is the arrogant Duke of Carrington. However, as they work together, a passion will spark between them that cannot be ignored.

So woot-woot! I’m so excited to share these books with you.

I’m so super excited to finally be able to tell y’all about some new books from me. First of all I know in previous interviews and whatnot I’ve mentioned an historical romantic suspense series I’ve been working on and this isn’t that, but I do hope to have news of that in the not too distant future. No, this is something a little different. I’ve accepted a three-book contract with Entangled Publishing for their upcoming short historical line, Scandalous.

I’m thrilled about this new series for a variety of reasons. First, I’m really looking forward to being apart of the Entangled family, I’ve heard such lovely things about everyone there. Secondly, I really love this series – I can’t say too much about the books themselves just yet, but suffice it to say they match up intelligent heroines with sexy heroes and the chemistry is smoking up my computer! They’re also a little bit shorter than my bigger historicals which means I can write them faster which will ultimately get them into your hands much sooner.

The first book, A LITTLE BIT WICKED, is such fun and I know y’all will love Vivian and Marcus as much as I do. I’ll share excerpts and more details as soon as I can.