Eloping With the Princess

Eloping With the Princess

ElopingwiththePrincess1600A secret princess. A confirmed bachelor. 
A hasty wedding.    

When a fellow member of the Brotherhood of the Sword drops off a mysterious lady in need of protection at the house of Viscount Jason Ellis, he agrees to keep her safe not fully knowing what that will entail. Once Isabel Crisp learns the truth of her identity, that she’s the last remaining member of the royal family from the island nation of Saldania, her world is tipped upside down. 

A plot to usurp the throne from Victoria after a marriage comes to light. Isabel realizes rather quickly that if she were already married the men would not succeed with their plan.  Jason reluctantly agrees to marry her, but in name only as he’s bound to learn the title to his brother’s son, the rightful heir. But keeping his hands off his tempting and willing wife proves too difficult and the passion between them ignites.


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Notable Raves

“When a story requires perfect character development, outstanding dialog, and sizzling romance always look for a Robyn DeHart book it never disappoints and always leaves you wanting another one to read.” – Mary G., NetGalley reviews

Great light read, good romance, interesting concept! I highly recommend!” – Carol B., NetGalley review

I loved Isabelle’s spunk. She isn’t your typical princess… The chemistry is spot on. The dialogue flows nicely, and the storyline keeps ahold of the reader.” – Hilda, Goodreads.com review

“Robyn DeHart has written an unconventional and exciting historical romance set in Victorian London, filled with intrigue, murder and a long lost princess.” – Deanna’s World

“There are well developed characters who are likable. The plot is well paced & keeps you turning the pages…” – Janet B., Goodreads.com review

I adore Robyn DeHart’s books. They always hit the right note of light-hearted adventure for me. I also really enjoy her heroines and Isabel was another fantastic one” – Joey B. Goodreads.com review 


Ahh, Temptation…

From Chapter One of Eloping With the Princess

Isabel Crisp had always considered herself the most ordinary of women.Of unknown or undetermined parentage, she relied on the generosity of her uncle, Lord Thornton, to fund her rather mediocre education at St. Bartholomew’s School for Girls. At nineteen, she had long ago made peace with her lack of prospects. After all, if her uncle had intended to withdraw her from school and launch her into society, it would’ve happened long ago.

Apparently, however, her uncle was as disinterested in her future as he was in her education.As for Isabel herself, she hoped one day to find a position as a governess, or perhaps to be allowed to stay on at St. Bartholomew’s as a teacher.

She certainly never expected to be leaving St. Bartholomew’s any time soon, especially not before sunrise. But her aunt, Lady Thornton, had come to retrieve her. They had no sooner stepped outside when something gripped her arm and tugged. Or rather someone. Pain and panic shot through her, and she struggled against the man as he dragged her away from the school and her aunt.

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Under The Covers

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