My Top 5 Writing Tips

  • 1. Join Romance Writers of America – it’s the best place to learn about this business and the friends you’ll make are worth the cost of dues.
  • 2. Read voraciously – no matter time constraints or how difficult it becomes, never stop being a reader, chances are it’s why you decided to write.
  • 3. Understand GMC – if you only read one craft book, you must read Debra Dixon’s, “Goal, Motivation and Conflict”.
  • 4. Keep the joy – this business is hard and the further you get into it, the more difficult it becomes – never lose the joy of what brought you to writing, it will keep you going through the rough spots.
  • 5. Write, write, write – sounds stupid, but wanting to write and actually doing it are very different, make writing a top priority.

Copyright © 2007. Robyn DeHart. All Rights Reserved.

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