T-minus 4 days

I’ve decided to do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days) this year for the first time. I’ve wanted to participate for the last several years, but my deadlines have always gotten in the way. But this year things have aligned perfectly. I’ve got my book plotted and I’m eager to get started. I doubt this will serve as a blog where I update daily, as I won’t have time while I’m buried in my wip. But I wanted a place to share word counts and whatnot with anyone who might be curious.

My Scrivener file is set up, I’ve got my characters casted, color-coded scene cards are done (though I’m sure I’ll have to add more) and I’m reading everything I can find about the NaNo process. Granted I’ve written several books and my writing process is fairly similar to the NaNo suggestions – ignoring that internal editor and just getting that rough draft out. It’s kind of my natural inclination as a writer and it has served me well for the past several years. Still kinda cool to make it public and enjoy the camaraderie within the writing frenzy.

The book I’ll be writing will hopefully be the first in a new trilogy by me, but that will be my editor’s decision. But for now, the story is mine and I am really looking forward to tackling it. I’ve always had a fair bit of suspense in my books, but this one is really historical romantic suspense, definitely heavier on the suspense. My working title is The Secrets of Minna Danvers.

Wish me luck!