One week in

I’m still rocking along with my NaNo and things are going well. As in I’m adding words, not that the book is necessarily going well. But this is natural for me. I’ve hit the stage where I’m realizing that I don’t know these characters yet, at least I haven’t found what I call their “essence” just that thing about them that makes them unique, makes them pop off the page. I’ll find it, but haven’t yet. Because I haven’t found that though I’m also stumbling through with virtually no character chemistry, not good for a romance. But that too will come eventually.

In the meantime I just keep moving forward knowing that any moment now I could hit upon the magic. And that’s when it’s really exciting. Writing that one scene that really nails it. That one moment in the book where everything crystalizes in my mind and I have that perfect feeling of who these characters truly are. But for now I’ll just keep adding words and maybe, just maybe I’ll find the magic tomorrow.