So far, so good

Well, today is day 1 of NaNoWriMo and things are going swimmingly. It’s a good thing for a variety of reasons – (1) November is a busy month so front loading it seems smart so I have less words to write the closer we get to holiday/family time, (2) I hate beginnings, the start of a book is always the worst part for me, so I’m trying to plow through so I don’t notice how much I hate this part, (3) I looked last night at my previous books to see my previous rough draft word counts and I’ve only ever written one book that hit 50k at the rough draft stage. The good news, I have done that once so theoretically I can do it again. Also my books always end up 80-90k when I’m finally done so I should be able to keep going until I hit 50k this time around.

So far I’ve been in my hero’s POV more than anyone else and he’s nice and alpha and gruff and needs softening, perfect for my heroine to tame. And my villain is creepy in a dark icky way so I’m loving that.

Trials to come in the days ahead, I feel certain of that. After writing so many books you begin to develop patterns and I know I haven’t hit the “I’ve written these characters before” stage or the “this book is so boring” stage or any number of other neuroses I normally go through during writing. But today was a good writing day and I’m enjoying the book, that doesn’t always happen so I’m going to hang on to the for now.