Anna’s breath caught when he lifted his hand and touched the neatly arranged curl near her temple. She could not move as he caressed the shell of her ear. “Perhaps you ought to have your hearing examined, Miss Jacobs. You might need an ear trumpet, at least for when you’re eavesdropping.”

She swatted his hand away. “Are you saying you did not refuse to help my brother?”

“I am saying that I refused to give him the names of my assailants the other evening. That was the extent of our conversation.”

She pressed one hand to her breast, but quickly dropped it to her side when she saw how well he took note of her anatomy. It should have been unnerving to be the object of such direct perusal, but . . . Anna moistened her lips and concentrated on the matter at hand. “Th-then why has he been sent away to Scotland?”

“Do you know you have the most intriguing dimple just here, when you are puzzled?” His finger traced the divot in her chin.


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