Writerly Wednesdays - you pick

It’s the beginning of the year and I’m so excited to be in 2013. What an exciting year this is going to be. As I started last year on this blog, I want to continue with my Writerly Wednesdays, but I often get requests for certain topics so now I’m opening the door (so to speak) for suggestions. Comment on this with a suggestion for a Writerly Wednesday topic and I’ll pick one (randomly, of course) to win a copy of A Little Bit Wicked. Oh and you can submit as many suggestions as you want. So let me here them!


  • Sabrina

    I adore your wed posts and they are proving very helpful to me.

    Since your posts seem to be spot on with info I didn’t realize I needed but perfectly hit the spot with what I’m struggling with I hate to give specific topics!

    I would love to here more about your idea and brainstorming process. I tend to get a character first with no idea of a plot or story idea and then need to work to find out who he or she is and build from there. What work do you do before you start the writing?

    How do you stay focused on that one story? Those plot bunnies always seem to hit me when I’m stuck in the current WIP.

    Thanks for your wed posts – this writer appreciates it!

  • Leslie P Garcia

    Love ideas for heightening conflict and tension.

    Also, an editor told me (quite some time ago) that revenge as motivation was out, yet I continue to see it. Do you have any specific info on motivations that are just completely out, or do you think it’s more a matter of developing motivation effectively?

    Have a great 2013, Robyn!